Appreciating the small things

This weekend was slow again for us, still having not fully recovered from being ill, we kept a low profile. What a contrast there was between the heavy, constant rain on Saturday and the bright, sparkling sunshine today.

Yesterday our little family snuggled up with blankets and cups of licorice tea. With Kai we made obstacle courses out of cushions and cubby houses with bed sheets. In the afternoon I went to a meeting about the Caloundra Steiner School Initiative, I will post the information again for those interested. It was a beautiful gathering of passionate people and parents commited to their children and providing them with a safe and love-filled community in which to grow. The school plans to open in January 2020, please see the link for more details. They are currently offering a craft group and play group on Wednesdays and Fridays respectively.

This morning I woke up to the sound of birds singing right outside our window and warm sun shining though the glass. What a glorious day, with colder temperatures and fresh crisp air. I called my father straight away to ask to go for a family sail on his little wooden boat. We agreed on an afternoon sail after the tide had risen.

Aitor, Kai and I spent the morning playing at Shelly beach. The offshore wind was delightful, the ocean had dropped a few degrees and the sun was shimmering over the oceans surface. How blessed I felt to feel the warm sun and share this day with my family. Attending to small details like the kicking of baby in my belly, the smooth surfaces of shells on the beach, the sound of Kai’s laughter as he chased after Papi and the constant rolling in and out of the waves, I saw that as we slow down the world becomes magical.

I would like to share a friends page who is paying amazing attention to detail with her project ‘a thousand portraits’. She uses coloured pencils on extra large brown paper bags to draw attention to the faces of Nepalese people and their stories. Check out instagram @athousandportraits to see her inspiring work.

Finally, our day ended with a sail around the bay of Mooloolaba on my parents small yacht.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Please keep an eye on our page as we have just recieved all of the materials necessary to start making Solitice and will roll it out over the Easter Holidays. Until next week, love the RAMA Project family.