Winter Solstice and baby love

Hello friends,

Our blog this week is a little late due to an amazing and huge weekend of love and community. I will share our news and then our RAMA family will be quiet for a few weeks as we prepare in mind, body, spirit and home a warm, welcoming space for our new child. This week marks 38 weeks of pregnancy, so baby could arrive any day.

Our weekend began with preparing for the Caloundra Steiner School Winter Solstice Festival on Saturday evening. We were busy preparing lanterns, painting chalkboards and preparing the stories and songs for the evening. This last month of making props for the storytelling, learning the songs and facilitating lantern making workshops has woven the magic of winter through our family home. It has truly brought warmth to our living room, though the felted dolls that sit on our shelf (that we made for the festival story), repeating the lantern story to Kai at bedtime and lullabies of shimmering stars and glimmering lanterns.

On Saturday afternoon we headed to Little Mountain Common to prepare for the event. It was wonderful to work with such an enthusiastic team and see so many families together. Around 80 people turned up for the event and we gathered on sunset, singing as dark closed in and then parading with our lanterns around the park. The evening was closed with a magical storytelling on the rug and then sharing warm spiced apple juice. A simple and beautiful event, which was the first festival of many to come for Caloundra Steiner School. Follow the link for more information: Caloundra Steiner School and to read the most recent newsletter.

On Sunday I was honored with a belly blessing from some beautiful friends. We gathered in a local park and then walked in silence to a stream to celebrate womanhood and the beauty of creating life. I was extremely touched at the deep love that was shared and blessed upon the child growing in my belly. I believe that woman’s circles are an incredible way of bringing truth back to what it means to be a woman, honoring all of who we are and our power to nurture, forgive, unconditionally love and create.

While I was in a cloud of unconditional love in the rainforest, Aitor and Kai were on a mission. After much dreaming of setting sail around the world, our RAMA family has finally bought our first boat. Not exactly our dream… a bargain off Gumtree with a lot of repairs needed… but a place to start. Aitor has been very keen for a project for a while and this is a small step towards something bigger in the future. The work in progress is a 4m fiberglass motor boat… it is currently full of leaves, dirt, old fishing lures and probably hasn’t been touched for a good few years. Aitor’s idea is to do it up and make a video of the project…. we will keep you posted with a link to the footage to see how it is going.

So that is all for now, we wish you all well over the coming weeks and we will be back online after baby is settled. Take care and good luck with your own projects this winter. Thank you for reading.