Transparency in natural textures

Hello friends,

This long weekend was a celebration for us of being back in community and feeling well. Our weekend was full of inspiration from friends and businesses, using the beautiful textures of natural materials to inspire a connection to nature and reduce the use of plastic.

Kai and I woke up early on Saturday morning to drive into the hinterland and explore the Maleny Wood Expo. I was blown away by the creative talent of local artisians, musicians and the array of workshops on offer. You could choose from learning to make furniture, decorate a boomerang or carve a didgeridoo, whittle children’s toys, build a canoe, shape wooden chopsticks or make paper. We spent most of the morning in the Bush Critters Eco Art tent, run by Tracy Lewis. Tracy is an artist, teacher and basket weaver, who inspires children and adults through using natural materials in art and craft. She had set up three fantastic activities for kids to get hands on with bark, seed pods, nuts and sticks. Kai and I painted a flame tree seed pod, created a hanging string of natural beads and sculpted a bush critter from clay and gum nuts. All the children that were involved were absolutely loving the activities and Tracy was a wonderful guide. Tracy shares her Eco Art with schools, festivals and at private events. For some natural art and craft inspiration or to contact Tracy please see her facebook page

On Sunday Kai was invited to a friend’s son’s pirate birthday party. He spent the morning playing party games with other little pirates, in a beautiful setting on Mooloolah Island. We had a great time catching up with old friends and I was very pleased to see that the hosts had chosen to use recyclable cutlery, plates and cups, as reducing waste when hosting an event can be really difficult. I found an excellent, Australian owned business online that has a great selection of party accessories that are 100% sustainable. Please follow this link for more information on how to party in an environmentally friendly way:

Sunday afternoon was greeted with a trip to Dicky Beach where Aitor jumped in for a surf and Kai and I took our family dog Deja for a romp at Tooway Creek. The place was buzzing with families and four-legged friends enjoying Sunshine Coast autumn weather at its best. The sunset cast a golden light over the beach and there was not a breath of wind on the small but surfable waves.

Today we spent the whole day at Noosa with family friends, playing on their jetskis and cruising on their boat up the Noosa river to share fish and chips. We enjoyed relaxed conversation, yummy food and warm tea overlooking the still water. I spoke to my friend Sam about her pledge to stop using clingwrap 5 years ago and I was inspired to research alternatives. I found an eco-blogger Mellisa Goodwin, who writes about in-expensive alternatives to plastic and living sustainably. She mentioned easy ways to give up plastic wrap; namely using containers, reusable glass jars, crockery to cover, beeswax wraps and biodegradable bags. See her blog for more affordable eco ideas;

It is inspiring and encouraging to see so many businesses and consumers making positive changes to elect natural or recyclable materials. Solstice mineral sunscreen, is our proud example of including these practices in both our product and packaging. Can I say how good it feels to use products that support the earth and are good for our health. The feeling of a wooden spoon on my tongue in comparison to a plastic one, a glass jar filled with fresh salad as an alternative to a one-use plastic container or a skin cream made of natural oils in place of highly synthetic and harmful chemicals… once you make the change there is no going back. There is transparency in natural textures and the positive feeling is both sensory and mental.

Please share with us in the comment section below any sustainable businesses that inspire you or ways that you have made changes to reduce your ecological footprint on our earth. Thank you for reading and we look forward to connecting with you again next week. Much love from Rose, Aitor and Kai.