The Next Chapter

Hello friends,

This week marked my first full week on maternity leave from work. It was wonderful to be at home with Aitor and Kai and see what their days were filled with while I was previously in the classroom. I went to surfing mums for the first time… a true playgroup for parents as much as children. The little ones were running free on the beach while mums and dads took turns to enjoy small, clear blue winter waves.

Then on Wednesday we went camping in our van up to Noosa and Sunshine Beach. We hiked to Granite Bay and Kai saw his first koala in the national park. The next day we walked from Sunshine to Alexandria Bay and then later back to Granite which was much more protected from the wind. The weather was amazing and Noosa is such a special place. We read some histories of the Kabi Kabi people on display in the park and acknowledged their presence in the landscape. From Granite Bay there is no evidence of houses or roads and we were submersed in nature.

On Friday, Kai and I went to the Caloundra Steiner Playgroup at the CSSA hall and we made ribbon batons from sticks and played with such a beautiful collection of wooden and handmade toys. The playgroup is on every Friday from 9-11am and are currently looking for enrollments for terms 3 and volunteer helpers. See this link for more info: Caloundra Steiner Playgroup

Saturday brought rain and was a great day for being cosy and cooking at home. We snuggled up with hot chocolate and made cookies. This morning the sun was out in full bloom to dry up the wet ground and we went down to Moffat beach where I ran a lantern making workshop as part of our Winter Solstice lead up. We will be down in the park again next Sunday for our last lantern making session before the festival on the 22nd June in Little Mountain Common. See the following link for more details: Winter Solstice

So this week really symbolised for us a true step into our new chapter as we prepare for our baby to join us and embrace this special time when both Aitor and I are at home with Kai. Not to mention today is Pentecost. It is said that ‘all that separated human beings to the spiritual world falls away on this day and gives human beings responsibility to live differently in this newly united world.’ See more at the following facebook page Esoteric Connection.

I like the way that this quote points out taking responsibility and I am beginning to see that the way we live and act is truly a choice and we can change old habits at anytime and step into a more harmonious way. I feel that change beginning to take place in our family life. I choose change, I choose to follow heart, I choose love, kindness and presence. From the RAMA family we wish you peace today and this coming week. Thank you for reading.