The Wild Mother

Hello friends,

Happy mother’s day to all of you mamas and mums-to-be out there. I feel that today has been a profound day of insight to me about what it means to be a mother, both the great weight and joy that it carries. Also to receive the unconditional embrace of a mother, something we all need at some point or many points in our lives.

We spent the morning with friends at Currimundi lake. It was a little too cool to swim, however we set up camp on the sand with shovels, diggers and trucks and set to work building a massive sand volcano. In our gang were 5 boys under 6 years old, all very seriously scooping sand onto our mountain. Later, I went for a SUP up the river with another mother and we shared stories of how our families had come to be. The water was still and peaceful and the world seemed to be at rest.

On the way home I began to think of all of the women that inspire me and my true desire to develop myself as a strong, reliable and nurturing mother. The image of ancient mothers came to my mind and their instinctive knowledge of seasons, plants, animals, the gathering of food and firewood, child birthing and healing. I thought of the ways in which we mothers today are both close to this in our heart’s desire to nourish and unconditionally love our families, yet so far apart in a time-driven world where financial pressure too often forces the choice between work and family, rest and our to-do list. Not to mention the ties of knowledge that have been cut in learning these past skills from our blood mothers and grandmothers. I would like to share a link to an incredible book that opened my eyes to the reality of being a woman and the possibility of merging the wisdom of the ancient mother into our modern lifestyles. Please follow this link for more information on Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

I would also like to share the link to an inspiring documentary that I watched recently which shares the wisdom of ancient cultures and intends to use their timeless understanding of the universe to encourage a social shift from a linear, masculine society driven by the sun, to a matriarchal society which is circular and driven by lunar energy. The documentary comments that this shift is being seen in the management of business, design thinking and sustainable innovations as well as in our social gatherings and desire for a greater connection to our planet and true selves. Personally with the progression of SOLSTICE, our mineral sunscreen project, I see that people’s interest is genuine, in their wish to move away from chemical products and take a stand toward a cleaner more harmonious earth. See this website for more information about the documentary.

While I was thinking about the awesome movements that people are making all over the world towards a society that really loves it’s mother (earth), I began to consider how many friends I have that are full-filling not only a role as a nurturer and provider for their family, however they also have their arms full of projects to conserve the ocean, defend forests, promote organic farming, work towards reconciliation of aboriginal and non-aboriginal people, reduce the use of plastic and countless other initiatives. I thank you all. I also encourage you to find a place and time of rest, to stop and nourish yourself, so that tomorrow you may continue with greater energy. Today is your day and you are loved and you are needed.

That is all from our RAMA family today, as I too feel the need to rest and nourish myself with deep sleep. May we give thanks to all of the mothers that we encounter throughout our lives and the deep service that they give unconditionally.