Healing hands and raw materials

Hello friends, this week I would like to share my experience with some art projects and also excitedly to tell you Solstice is ready to launch!

Our little Kai is not very well at the moment as he is in the middle of the cough spasm stage of whooping cough. Having experienced it a few weeks ago myself, I feel for him and we are sleeping with him, waking with every cough. So our little family is moving slowly and energy levels are quite low.

Positively this has helped us to enjoy being at home with each other and doing some homey projects, focusing on healing and keeping warm. We have changed Kai’s bedspread to a down quilt and feather pillow, we placed rugs on the floor and have brought in a radiator to warm up the space. I also believe that an orderly and clean environment helps to reduce anxiety and therefore our bodies can focus on healing rather than stress. So we have made an extra effort to stay tidy and put things away.

Personally I feel that working with my hands helps me to come out of my head and into my body which is where active healing takes place. I took time for myself this week, (thank you to Aitor), to visit a friend’s workshop at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). Aleta, who I mentioned in the blog a few weeks ago is working on a thousand portraits project to draw awareness to consumerism and the lives of people in less developed countries- particularly Nepal.

Having just returned from a month long trip in Nepal with her 11 year old son and mother, she was full of inspiring stories. Aleta shared tips on portraiture and we spent the last part of the workshop drawing our own faces onto recycled paper bags (Aleta’s favourite backing). It was eye opening to concentrate so intensly on my own face and also to apply that concentration, uninterrupted for such a long time. The workshop was part of a series called Back 2 Basics which is being run each month at USC. Check out @athousandportraitsproject to find out more about Aleta’s amazing journey.

I also got my hands on some wool again this week and made a little Easter bunny for Kai. It was really fun and afterwards I felt calm and clear headed. Working with the natural wool and felt and concentrating on the stitching was very healing. I am intending to follow the festivals and seasons this year and I hope to bring this awareness into our home by displaying pictures, toys, colours and natural objects that reflect the present time.

Aitor helped out as a volunteer at the Coastguard Mooloolaba this week and had a beautiful day on the water and a morning of maintenence. He enjoyed the teamwork and feel of community and of course being on the ocean.

Finaly our weekend finished with the making of our outdoor protective cream, Soltice. Both 60g containers and 15g samples are ready to be shared with our friends and community on the Sunshine Coast. If you would like to try some please get in contact through email ramaprojectafloat@gmail.com or call 0490466845. The ingredients are pure and simple and I love working with them. Your skin feels hydrated and nourished by the shea, coconut and avocado oil and you are protected from all outdoor elements, with the active ingredient zinc oxide. The beeswax makes the cream water resistant and is also antibacterial. Please read our page Soltice ingredients on this website for more information.

Take care this week and enjoy the lead up to the full moon and Easter celebrations, love from Rose, Aitor and Kai @RAMA Project Ltd.


Pure and simple

Healing projects, natural materials and clear spaces.