Clean-up Australia Day is every day!

Hello friends,

Today Kai and I went down to Tooway Creek, Moffat Beach to join in a 7am rubbish pick up in support of Clean-up Australia day. We began our rubbish hunt as soon as we left home and Kai was very enthusiastic to get involved. Before we even arrived at the community meet we had collected a pram full of beer bottles, cans and takeaway drink containers, found in the bushes and on the side of the road.

The meet was organised by the Caloundra Scout group and they were busy launching kayaks into the creek when we arrived. Not realising they were all going out on the water, Kai and I then decided to run our own little land-based clean-up next to the children’s playground. We got to work, finding more beer bottles and lots of small plastics, mostly left over or caught in the wind after children’s birthday parties. This rubbish included cup cake wrappers, streamers, napkins, pieces of balloon and popper straws.  

Once we had filled our bag we jumped into the creek for a swim and went to see how the scouts were getting along. I was very impressed to see their kayaks coming back to shore full of all sorts of rubbish. Not only had they found plastic bags, bottles and general trash; one group returned with a rusty mountain bike and another with an old crab pot and even an office chair that had been dumped into the waterway. It was awesome to see the teamwork that the Scouts displayed and that many hands really do make light work.

Clean-up Australia day was officially today, however if we wish to really help our planet, ocean and marine creatures it needs to be everyday. Please don’t walk past a piece of rubbish, pick it up and put it in the bin. Fellow mums and dads, I know that birthday parties can be very busy times, but let’s work together to ensure we leave places better than we found them.  Today I saw that Kai loved getting involved and helping mummy go on a trash hunt. Why not make it a party game to be Ocean Conservation Warriors and collect as much rubbish as possible at the end of the event?

Here are some links about micro-plastics, probably one of the most deadly and difficult to illuminate sources of ocean pollution. After the big tides last weekend I saw first hand evidence that these micro plastics are even washing up on Yaroomba beach.

Earth Day did a great fact sheet last year to get an idea of the immensity of the problem.

Here are two articles from the Australian Government about what policies are in place to reduce plastic pollution and why governmental management of this problem is crucial.

This is a link to the Scouts homepage if you have children who would like to get involved in an active community group, sharing positive messages and building self-confidence in young people.

This blogger also has some simple ideas about how to reduce how much plastic we use and buy.

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