New beginnings for RAMA Project on the Sunshine Coast

From riding bikes in one degree Berlin to surfing Green Bowl in tropical Bali, our little family has finally settled on the Sunshine Coast and we are ready to introduce SOLSTICE natural sunscreen to our new community. Last week we found an Australian supplier of organic goodness to fuel our sunscreen recipe and this week we will begin making our first batch. There is still a way to go to Australian certification, however we are proud to announce SOLSTICE is once again moving forward.

I am so excited to say that from a short two months here we have found out about some inspiring sustainable businesses and projects in our local area. I would like to share some names and websites of local businesses in this post that align with our principles of buying local and sustainable. Firstly, in the way of natural sun protection, we couldn’t look past Surf Mud. These guys are making a tough mother of a sunscreen that stays on for hours to keep you protected in any outdoor conditions. Rather than view them as competitors, we are stoked to see that there are others in our community offering alternatives to chemical sunscreen and reducing ocean pollution by making a reliable natural product. They have also recently created ‘surf baby’ and ‘surf mud lotion’. Check them out on Instagram @surfmud or on their website  

Secondly, I was walking down the banks of Currimundi Lake the other weekend when I saw this beautifully designed umbrella. After asking a friend, she informed me that the umbrella was called a CoolCabana and it was made by a Sunshine Coast company. Of course getting out of the sun and resting in the shade is one of the best ways to protect yourself from sun damage and under these cool umbrellas you can do that while hanging out on the beach. Check out their unique patterns and styles at or on Instagram @coolcabanas

Finally, I would like to draw attention to a very stylish women’s swimwear designer Carly Brown, also from the Sunny Coast, and her brand UNE Piece. I love the way these swimmers fit, the material and cut speak beyond words. UNE piece is a local brand and each piece is long sleeved to protect you from the intense Australian sun. Check out her stunning collection at and on Instagram @une_piece

Aitor, Kai and I have really noticed since being back, that the Australian sun is harsh and wearing sunscreen only doesn’t cut it if you are out all day. We have adjusted the formula of SOLSTICE to reflect the higher UVA and UVB potency here and understand that wearing sunscreen needs to be in conjunction with wearing a hat, protective clothing and seeking shade in the hottest times of the day.

Looks like the Sunshine Coast lives up to its name and we are super excited to share SOLSTICE here in this creative community.  Our next blog will be about some more great Sunny Coast projects in the way of ocean conservation. Thank you for following us!