RAMA Project LTD

22 Henzell Street, Dicky Beach, 4551 Queensland



RAMA Project Ltd. is our offering. It is a commitment to nourish ourselves, community and environment across land and ocean. Our first project is an organic water-resistant sunscreen called SOLSTICE that protects and hydrates your skin without causing harm to the ocean. SOLTICE is a symbol of our family’s deep love for the sea and playing in the sun.

Our aim is to provide inspiration, connect community and share consciousness through environmental projects. We begin our journey in Lanzarote and invite you to share our first steps. On this website you can purchase a sunscreen and also you can follow our story as it unfolds and join in community events marked on the calendar.

“If you want to build a boat, don’t start by looking for wood, cutting planks or distributing work. Evoke in men and women longing for the sea, free and wide” –Antione de Saint Exupery


our story

The core of RAMA project, a love for the sea and a life of adventure and meaning, has dwelled in the hearts of Aitor and I since meeting in Saint Martin in 2014. For the following three years we traveled through the Bahamas, America, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia sailing and diving until finding out we were expecting our baby boy in 2017. We then decided to make Lanzarote, in the Canary islands our home for a while.

SOLSTICE sunscreen came to life in our little caravan kitchen in Guimë, Lanzarote in 2017. I was searching for a natural sunscreen for our newly born son Kai and I wasn't happy with what I found in the health food shops. I wanted a sunscreen in which I understood all of the names of ingredients and which was simple and organic.

I decided to look deeper into sun protection to find a solution where I felt comfortable for Kai to play in the sun without burning or exposing him to nasty chemicals. After some research, tweaking and fine tuning, the recipe for SOLSTICE was written.

Over the following months we tried SOLSTICE out with close friends and family who wore our sunscreen sailing, surfing, gardening, hiking, and we even sent it to our family in Australia to put it to the test. Aitor and I were really happy with the results and feedback so we decided to take it to market.

We believe in keeping things as local as possible, reducing our carbon footprint and recycling. Therefore our containers are recyclable aluminium and both these and all our ingredients are sort from Australian suppliers . All of our ingredients are certified organic except the zinc oxide which is a naturally occurring mineral.

SOLSTICE is reef safe and using SOLSTICE promotes responsible consumerism and supports organic farming. We are based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and aim to keep our business local, connecting with likeminded projects and businesses in this creative community.

Love the ocean. Love your skin and choose organic sunscreen.

Thank you for supporting RAMA Project. We hope that SOLSTICE is the beginning of many projects to come.



"Great to have the possibility to use cream made with 100% natural ingredients! Especially that has such a nice smell of chocolate, ah I love it! Highly recommend to people that take care of their skin and use natural products" — Paulina, Dive Instructor, Lanzarote.

"Love the sunscreen. In fact loved it so much i had to purchase 7 units for the family." — Lisa, Business Executive, London.

“Excellent sunscreen giving great protection when I am out on the boat. Beautiful tin and great that it can be recycled.” - Tim, Yacht Captain, Australia.

“Tried and tested on while face me who lives in the ver sunne Canary Islands. So happy not to have to put lots of chemicals on my body and into the ocean.” Darlene, Organic Gardener, Lanzarote.

“I found SOLSTICE natural sunscreen a few months ago, I apply it every day to go to work because I work at sea and it’s great. Takes care of my skin and I feel good.” Alejandro, Skipper, Lanzarote.