RAMA Project

"The sun doesn't try to change anyone, it simply shines bright and in shining bright it sheds light on the whole world"


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RAMA Project Ltd. aims to share conscious ideas which connect community and protect the environment. Our first project is a natural sunscreen called SOLSTICE. It is made of all natural ingredients as an offering to our son Kai whose name signifies the ocean in Hawaiian culture.  Our family dream is to sail around the world connecting people, ideas and making sustainable projects happen. 


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Find out why SOLSTICE is so special. We share information about each ingredient and the properties that benefit your skin.


Sun protection facts

If you love to play in the sun, have a read about how to do it safely and why we think a natural mineral sunscreen is so important for your health and that of our planet.


Rama Blog

A weekly blog about our family projects, ideas for healthy living and responsible consumerism.

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“For whatever we lose, it’s always ourselves we find in the sea”
— E.E Cummings
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